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John Powers

Writer and director of dramatic material and coordinator of public performances, courses, and forums, John Powers (a.k.a. J-Powers) brings 12+ years experience in producing more than 200 events.

“Like his previous programs on Japanese Americans in WWII and Chinese Americans, Watergate, Vietnam war...etc, John Powers' current series of public programs at El Camino College are wide ranging in their topics, succinctly organized, cogently presented, with articulate and outstanding experts on the topic of each program. The format is very Old School—with an emphasis on substance rather than gimmicks, and it sets a high standard for others who produce and participate in topical programs in the community. Bring yourselves and your family--especially students – for an educational and entertaining and affordable evening.”

-- Don Hata, Emeritus Professor of History, CSU Dominguez Hills

“ I experienced the events of 1968, and John Powers has brought to life some of the most significant of them through his unique, powerful, and deeply affecting series.  Everyone should see it.” 

     —  Ron Kovic, Born on the Fourth of July

Really made us think and reconsider what we thought we knew

Presentation was very well organized

Like the teaching method, lots of discussion

Extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter, provided outstanding materials, and was a very engaging and dynamic instructor

— UC Riverside Extension participants, April / May 2019


The following are upcoming courses for Fall 2019 available at various universities and colleges. Please contact John Powers if you are interested in exploring these subjects with your community.



Undercover 30 years of devastating secrets and deceptions from America’s recent past. Explore six major historical events from 1973 and 2003 and discover their costs and their continuing resonance in our nation’s politics and policymaking. Pentagon Papers, Watergate, Space Shuttle Columbia, 9/11 Commission, Invasion of Iraq, and California Gubernatorial Recall: these six events changed the direction of our country. In this course, discover how they began, how they came to a climactic moment, and how they affect our lives today.

This six-week course offered by UC Riverside Extension will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Riverside and Rancho Mirage, respectively, beginning September 18 / 19.  To enroll, call 951-827-4105.

Space Shuttle Columbia on reentry 2003


Pearl Harbor provokes specific images and emotions in most Americans. Seventy-seven years ago, United States military personnel were “suddenly and deliberately attacked” by Japanese forces, leaving more than 2400 people dead and nearly 1200 people wounded. The following day, President Franklin Roosevelt appeared before congress and secured a declaration of war. The consequence of that declaration continues to reverberate with us today. Through recently declassified information, you can explore what was happening in Washington, Tokyo, and Oahu in the years, months, weeks, and days before the attack. What is discovered in this course will surprise and change people’s view of history.

This five-week course will be offered by UCLA Extension beginning November 7.  To enroll, call 310-825-9971.

The five-week course also will be offered at CSU Dominguez Hills beginning November 13. To enroll, call 310-243-3741.

The newly created Pacific Fleet changes command in Pearl Harbor on February 1, 1941


The events of September 11, 2001 are well-known to most people through horrific imagery and an official summary, the 9-11 Commission Report. But what if everything we know about 9-11 is wrong or incomplete? Would that change how we view these events, and how we view the world we live in today? What if we look at extensive photographic and video evidence (or the lack thereof) from the distance of more than 15 years and see September 11 in a whole new light? If you dare to think the “unthinkable,” join this reconsideration of the unforgettable events in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

This six-week course will be offered by El Camino College Community Education beginning September 21. To enroll, call 310-660-6460.

The “smoking gun” photo that reveals that the Pentagon was blown up by internal explosives, not the impact of Flight 77, which fate is unknown.

“Excellent condensation of the Pentagon Papers.”

Daniel Ellsberg