Pentagon Papers

If your are someone who came of age after the Carter Administration (1977-81), it is unlikely that you know about the Pentagon Papers. This recently abridged edition of that major historical document has been conceived and published specifically for you. You can now experience the broad scope of the entire original work in one or two sittings with additional online resources included. 


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The Pentagon Papers is one of the greatest works of American letters. It is great because of its sheer size and the manner in which it was created. When it was completed, the Papers totaled about 7,000 pages. Three-dozen analysts worked on the text, each of them writing their separate volumes in the same conference room in the Pentagon. It was completed in less than one year.

The Papers is particularly great because it provides insight to the inner workings of the highest levels of American power during the course of 23 years. A cast of characters is ever-changing, but the processes, decisions, and deceits remain the same. The document reveals how that power actually operates.

The aim of this publication, drawn exclusively from the original work, is to restore the currency of the Papers to a new generation who find their nation engaged in another “endless war.” This new generation will discover that we have been here before and that it will not end without concerted effort to impose transparency and accountability on our leaders.

Cover art for Pentagon Papers, recently abridged edition for the Millennial Generation

Queen of Sky Island


Queen of Sky Island is a middle grade fantasy and coming of age story. It tells of Tara, a 13 year-old girl, who, in search of her father, becomes trapped on an actual island in the sky where she leads one other worldly army against another in her pursuit of finding her way home. This story is a contemporary adaptation of a little known work by L. Frank Baum.


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Tara is a young girl who longs for her absent military father. Every day, she sits on the cliff above the sea waiting for him to return home from service. One day, a young boy, Bobo, descends from the sky on a flying umbrella. Because of this, Tara and Bobo order the umbrella to fly them to a distant island on the horizon, which she calls Sky Island and where she imagines her father is serving. But instead, the umbrella carries them, and a wounded veteran, Sgt. Rik, who looks after Tara and her mother, to an actual island in the sky where a strange, other worldly people known as the Blues take their umbrella and hold them captive. Because of this, Tara, with Bobo and Sgt. Rik, leads another strange group, the Pinkies, into war against the Blues to regain the umbrella.